Dermot O'Brien Testimonials | Singer Island Real Estate

Michael and Sybille Anderson 10/6/20


Thank you yet again, for your acute professionalism and getting both our units sold.

We wish you the best.

Marcelo Montoya 5/28/2020

Hi Dermot, we strongly appreciate your support from beginning to end of 1805 purchase process!

Mitchell Steinberg 3/15/20

I bought my Apartment at Ocean’s Edge January 2008. In Oct 2013, I wanted to rent my apartment and met Dermot O’Brian. Dermot was able to secure two rentals for the next six years, the last rental purchasing my apartment, December 2019.

Dermot is extremely knowledgeable, professional, accessible, and affable! Renting twice and selling my apartment was 100% stress-free because Dermot was there to make sure that everything was taken care of properly and efficiently. I would highly recommend Dermot O’Brien for all your Real Estate needs.

Dr. John Katopodis 2/21/2020

My regret is I didnt’t go with you in the first place. I’ll be writing that letter to the homeowners association shortly. You’re awesome Dermot. I’ve done about a dozen real estate transactions in my life. You stand head and shoulders above all other Realtors.

Sal Filoteo 1/31/2020

Thank you for handling this, you did an excellent job. We discussed selling this unit for years and with your professional guidance we were able to pull the trigger at a much better time than previously discussed. Maybe we will consider looking for another property in the future and if I do I will be calling on you, thanks again.

Patrizia Alessi, July 23rd, 2019

Eight years ago I came across Dermot’s name as I was looking to purchase a unit at the Singer Island Marriott Resort.
I was blown away at how knowledgeable he was about the property and his willingness to explain , in details, each and every question I had.
Even though I hadn’t committed to buy, I was more curious about the logistics and long term investment of that particular area.
There was never once, where he didn’t address my concerns and explained thoroughly every step of the way. We spent months going back and fourth and I ended up not buying the unit, at that time, but remained in touch over the years.
This past June, I felt I was ready to finally make a move on Singer Island and, once again, reached out to Dermot.
After the initial inquiry, Dermot filled me in on all the properties that were available and remembered exactly what I was looking for.
He made it so easy for me and guided me towards what seemed to be , not only, the right property for me but, the best investments as well.
It took less than 10 days to make a decision and I’m happy to say that I have closed on my dream apartment at Singer Island.
I’m planning to enjoy it with my children and family and am forever thankful to Dermot for making it happen.
His professionalism was impeccable and the entire transactions was 100% stress free.
I highly recommend his services, but, most of all, I commend his reliability and expertise in what he does.
Thank you so very much.

John Young, MD May 18, 2019

My wife and I have worked with Dermot on multiple properties on Singer Island for the last few years. I am totally impressed by his professionalism and personality. Dermot is responsive, dependable and knowledgeable. I would have no hesitation in highly recommending Dermot for any real estate needs.

Frank and Nancy Murdolo July 23, 2018

Dermot recently helped us to complete our fourteenth real estate transaction and was a breadth of fresh air compared with many other real estate people that we have worked with in the past. Our first dealing with Dermot was last fall when we contacted him through an advertisement while looking for a winter rental on Singer Island. Dermot was the first and only agent that had the courtesy to respond to our numerous inquiries and to explain that no rentals were available in the area at the time. After finally finding a rental and arriving for the winter Dermot’s name ironically came up most often and unsolicited as the real estate professional to contact if you are considering a purchase. It was immediately obvious after our first meeting with Dermot as to how knowledgeable and informative he is in providing solid advice on Singer Island real estate. He is a low key, no pressure, no nonsense real estate professional. Dermot is not a real estate “tour guide” that will take you anywhere and let you make any purchase just for the sake of a commission. When we all agreed that we found the right property Dermot’s guidance on pricing and negotiating was superb compared with any other real estate transaction we have made. And the administrative part of our purchase was seamless as well as flawless in the gentle hands of Dermot’s assistant, Rochelle.

Thank you Dermot and Rochelle!

Jessica Robertson 5/22/2017

I’ve worked in the real estate industry for nearly 2 decades. And I’ve been exposed to all levels of client services. Dermot ranks amongst the very best I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. His response time was immediate and he graciously accommodated our showing with precise knowledge of the property and the area. It will be a pleasure doing business with Dermot, and I highly recommend him as a fellow Realtor and a buyer. You’ll be in excellent hands.

Greg & Barbara Cable 5/2/2017

Thank you for all your help. You are the constant professional and it is always great to work with you. Having now worked with several others in FL (FT Lauderdale & Miami) and other states you are the best. You know the product and issues and offer them upfront which we appreciate greatly.